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I'm all Les Mis and Attack on Titan, do you see my problem?

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if you don’t think this is the saddest thing in the whole of the MCU then you’re very very wrong.


Grantaire | The worst part about being a werewolf is how easy it is to spot. Every decent employer in the city is required to report it if an employee misses work on the full moon more than once. Grantaire moved to the city for that reason, more people meant it was less likely he would be noticed. Of course that meant he had more a chance of hurting someone, an idea that kept him withdrawn and weary of mixing with anyone, even the Underground community. He manages to get by on odd jobs and finding work just on the darker side of legal. Grantaire has only basic schooling and his knowledge of magic is flimsy at best when he gets to the city. There are not many werewolves and even fewer ones Grantaire feels comfortable around. Most nights he haunts the fairy court, drinking in a corner and watching the other patrons and the weekend parties.


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my favorite part about pacific rim

is that in most action movies, stereotypical-white-action-hero raleigh would be coming on to mako

but instead he’s basically just screaming "you’re so cool pilot the robot with me pleaseeeeeee" for about an hour

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We've extended our search for a transgender contributer


We’re looking for another contributer to join us here at Bisexual Books!

When Ellie and Sarah started this blog a year ago we had no idea if anyone would even care about bisexuality in literature. Well, besides us. We were grateful to bring on Evan last fall but we still…

Valjean: God on high

Valjean: Hear my prayer

Valjean: In my need, you have always been there




Valjean: Except for that one time where you let me rot in prison for nineteen years and made sure every attempt to escape failed


Valjean: But we don't talk about that

buff armin: it's me buff armin. I found out how to defeat every Titan (punches the ground) (the titans all explode revealing robotic parts and a small dog leading each one) wow just as I suspected

mikasa: oh buff armin you did it!!

armin: no mikasa. WE'RE going to do it. RIGHT NOW.