I really try to be open about pretty much everything, if you want to talk I'm always here. Also, if I'm making an ass of myself, inform me because I probably don't realize i'm doing it.

I'm all Les Mis and Attack on Titan, do you see my problem?

Cis Female




i am the human version of the first piece of bread

when i saw this early i just thought that this meant the first piece of bread ever created. the very first bread in all of time.

I was thinking about Crowley’s ‘666’ number




and it occurred to me, Crowley has service in Hell. He has a number that is literally impossible. 

Therefore, Hell must have it’s own network

then it occurred to me only demons can use this network. But how? Must be in their aura or blood or something.

I repeat, it’s probably something in their blood

Sam has demon blood.

Conclusion: Sam gets his wifi from hell which is why he gets wifi everywhere


Crowley called Sam’s phone, not Dean’s.